Wednesday, March 4, 2009


A duck walks into a bar... Jokes, they make most of laugh, but real humor lies in truth. Okay embellished truth. People who know me know that I never let truth get in the way of a good story. I strive to find humor everyday, even when I am at my most ticked-off state of being. Humor is the one goal I have to find. Oh sure I can find the humor in the most juvenile way, but that is too easy. I usually find the humor in the people I see everyday. Their stories, actions, and moments weave a thread of humor that my mind bends into a humorous experience. Many times I cannot share these internal epiphanies of comedy, the timing has to be right.

I went out to the local IHOP for brunch this morning and was seated next to a booth with a mother and small child. This child, a little girl, noticed two very large people walk in. As they walked by, the little girl said, "Mom, Mom, we better order in a hurry". When the mother, not understanding asked why, the girl said, "cause what if they want pancakes too"?

Now, I am not one to usually condone humor that belittles others, but this girl was precious. She was seriously worried there would not be enough pancakes left.

In relating humor, I enjoy telling stories where I am the dupe of the story. People laugh and I get the enjoyment of making an ass of myself. Unfortunatley for me, that is becomming way too easy of a mark. Daily, I make gaffs that no ordinary person should make.

In my church during the service, we have a Passing of the Peace with those seated near you. I usually Pass the Peace with my wife first by turning toward her, giving her a quick kiss on the lips and then extending my hand to others to wish them Peace of the Lord. Well one day, my wife was on the other side of the of the church when the priest asked us to Pass the Peace. Yep, you all have guessed what happened. The older lady sitting to my left was quite shocked as I leaned in to kiss her. After the service, I tried to explain to her what had happened, but she just smiled and walked out. I am sure she still tells her relatives and friends how this creepy guy at church tried to kiss her.

Well my point with that story is humor, even when it embarrasses me, is something to be cherished, enjoyed. And as Dudley Moore said in Arthur, "Sometimes, I just think funny things".

So a duck walks into a bar, orders a beer and says, "Can you put this on my bill"?

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  1. I'm remembering a plugged invisible intruder, and something about a flat tire. I think we all appreciate your ability to find humor in yourself. More of us should be like that. Buzzy