Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today is a square-root day, 03/03/2009. It should mean something, but it doesn't. Our human lives are just as chaotic today as they have ever been. I work in chaos. I try to order things daily but the more I try to control, the more becomes unravelled.

I went to work today with expectations of starting slowly. showing up at the hospital, having a large cup of coffee, then slowly work into the day. That didn't happen. Oh sure the day was by no means a catastrophe, but I wanted so much more. I wanted to communicate my very own randomness upon my co-workers and patients. Okay, I was able to achieve some of this, I am usually good for at least 1 laugh a day. It was not enough. Not enough pithyness, not enough humor, not enough intelligent, thoughtful, conversation. But Randomness ruled the day (again).

I felt bad for one of my co-workers who was not feeling well. She usually is pretty good company. I enjoy having conversations with her, she has made me laugh more than once, but not today. Today I worried for her, wanting her to be her normal self.

Another co-worker's son was given a black eye today in day care. My co-worker took it better than I thought she would. She even posted his black eye all over Facebook. I hope he thanks her later for that!

The patients are always interesting/challenging/touching or any combination of these. It amazes me daily how many people have a story to tell. I work in a radiology department and just when I think I have heard it all from a patient, they throw me for a loop. I had one patient today tell me in the middle of a procedure that I should buy a car from her nephew, a car salesman. When I told her I wasn't much of a car person, she said,"What kind of man are you?" The nurse in the room laughed, and truth be told, so did I.

Okay what does this have to do with my topic? Nothing, yet everything. Life is filled with randomness that cannot be rehearsed, nor controlled. It is what it is, and although I prefer the known world, I seem to thrive in randomness. Don't you?

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